Conference Calling


Dave Weigel and Sargent & Kleefeld both report on a McCain campaign conference call featuring Randy Scheunemann and Jim Woolsey to discuss al-Qaeda’s preference for a McCain victory. They seem to have taken a two pronged approach:

  1. Other “bad guy” types have said nice things about Obama.
  2. Al-Qaeda saying they’re hoping for a McCain win is obviously a bankshot effort to help McCain

Of course these arguments contradict each other.

On a more substantive note, in a world that wasn’t totally insane a major party presidential candidate using a guy like Woolsey who believes in crazy, discredited conspiracy theories about al-Qaeda would, on its own, be a devastating blow. But in our actual United States of Ludicrousness, advocating for wars is per se serious no matter how badly they turn out, so Woolsey the conspiracy theorist will always be taken more seriously than some DFHs.