Where The Singles Are

You may recall this chart, showing which cities have a surplus of single men and which have a surplus of single women, making the rounds on the tubes a while back:


An interesting result. But now via Ezra Klein, a more interesting result — an interactive map of the same data that lets you examine particular age brackets. What it shows is that the age-linked variation is much larger than the geographical variation. Women tend to marry earlier than men, so in younger cohorts men outnumber women everywhere. Here’s the 20-34 bracket:


Single men outnumber single women everywhere in the young bracket. Fun fact: “The switchover from extra men to extra women starts at 35-39 for most big East Coast cities, but doesn’t hit New York until 40-44.” Of course in practice dating is rather socioeconomically bounded, and the number of number of single male high school dropouts in a given metro area has relatively little to do with a college educated professional woman’s dating prospects (though my dad didn’t finish high school and my mom went to Cornell so I’m well aware that there are exceptions), so even this more sophisticated model still leaves some real gaps in one’s understanding.