Fun With URLs

From reader CMH:

A Conservative blogger on The Politico posted this site http://www.democratnationalcommittee.com/index.htm as proof that Obama actually is a communist, as the real Obama logo has been subtly altered to feature a red star instead of his normal logo. His ‘proof’ was based upon the name of the site. I thought it was just a tasteless prank until I looked into the background of the company selling the merchandise. The misleading web address democratnationalcommittee.com is relayed back to http://victorystore.com/ . This to me was proof that it wasn’t the DNC selling this merchandise. I then looked further into it, and victorystore.com is owned by Victory Enterprises (www.victoryenterprises.com) . When you look to see who represents the company, it turns out that it is owned and run by Steve Grubbs (http://victoryenterprises.com/about_us.htm) . Steve Grubbs also happens to be the Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa.

At this point one doubts that sophomoric pranks of this nature are going to swing anything important. But it’s good to keep our eyes on this kind of nonsense.