Imagine if Everyone’s Votes Counted

New York Times article takes a look at New Yorkers trying to make a difference in the campaign. Not by voting, of course, since New Yorkers’ votes don’t count. And not by talking to neighbors and coworkers about the election. Or by calling other people in their community. After all, New Yorkers’ votes don’t count! Instead, they’re phone banking to swing states hundreds of miles away.

And good for them.

And of course it’s not just New York. Washington, DC contains a lot of hard-core Obama fans who want to help the campaign and we’re lucky enough to live right next door to a swing state, so for weeks now there’ve been weekend caravans taking Districters across the Virginia border to do canvassing in the Old Dominion. And it’s all a great American tradition — I remember taking College Democrats buses from Cambridge, MA up to New Hampshire because, of course, our votes didn’t count in Massachusetts. It’s all in good fun, but we could live in a country where everyone’s votes counted, and would-be activists could do their GOTV and persuasion activities wherever it was most convenient for them, rather than in special states. It would be fairer, it would be healthier for democracy, and it would be easier for everyone.

The answer is the National Popular Vote movement.