America’s Next Bush


Mark Schmitt looks forward to the end of the dynasties of yesteryear:

And so one of the gratifying effects of tonight’s results is that all of that is over. There are no more Doles. No more Bushes. (Unless Jeb rears his head, or one of the grandchildren, but I think they will have to campaign despite their name rather than because of it.) No more McCains. No more Sununus

Instead, by 2024 a majority of seats in the U.S. Senate will be controlled by the related Smith and Udall families.

But seriously, I wouldn’t count Bush out yet! After all, the last GOP ticket to win the Presidency without a Bush on the ballot was Nixon-Agnew in 1972. Republicans can’t win without Ohio and they can’t win without Bush. Recall that in 1992, Bush père got a McGovernesque 37 percent of the vote while alienating his base and apparently destroying the conservative coalition that had dominated American politics for twelve years. It only took seven years from that defeat for conservative elites around the country to reach the conclusion that what America needed was his dimwitted son. If Obama has a reasonably successful first time and gets re-election, maybe the right will decide that the smarter, more accomplished Bush is the way to go. Meanwhile, consider that if Jeb had won his 1994 race, he would likely have been the 2000 GOP nominee and it’s at least possible he would have been a much better President.