Two Basketpolitics Items


In the new Era of Obama the intersection of basketball and politics is going to be a hot area, and I intend to keep it covered. First, from The LA Times, “Magic Johnson says Lakers need to have an Obama-like mind-set”. Specifically:

Johnson had come to talk at halftime of the Lakers-Clippers game about how he and his wife, Cookie, cried when hearing that Barack Obama had become the president-elect Tuesday night and would become the first African American to hold the highest office in the United States. […] Johnson spoke about how Obama was competitive from playing basketball and how he has that fire that burns deep inside.

Note that the Lakers actually have a pretty white team in the scheme of things, though Andrew Bynum and Trevor Ariza being back from injury should mean less Luke Walton than we saw last year. And then there’s this from The New York Times:

As for sports, the big question is whether the new president will install a basketball court at the White House. President Bush had T-ball games; will Mr. Obama bring B-ball to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? There are still 75 days to go until Inauguration Day, but members of the Washington Wizards, the city’s N.B.A. team, are already dreaming.

“I want to play Obama one-on-one,” Andray Blatche, the Wizards’ 6’11” forward, declared after practice the other day. His teammate Caron Butler jumped in: “It’d be nice to go out there, shoot around with him, tour the White House.”

As the ninth most important person in America, my official transition advice is that if Obama wants to hang out with Wizards, the guy who was arrested for soliciting prostitutes probably isn’t the best bet. Conversely, considering the Wizards’ 0-3 start, playing a man in his forties might be their best option.