A Charter for the Obamas?

The same New York Times article that mentioned Andray Blatche’s desire to shoot hoops with the new president also contains this less fanciful bit of speculation:

At weekend soccer games, parents wonder aloud which of the city’s exclusive private schools might win the presidential sweepstakes by enrolling Malia and Sasha. (The Obamas could, of course, go the Jimmy Carter route and enroll their daughters in public school; Michelle Obama has said privately that she did not intend to make a decision about school until after the election.)

Obviously, I’m not hear to tell the Obamas how to raise their children. But if you ask me, it would be nice to see them put their money (or, as it were, children) where their mouths are and enroll their children in one of the city’s charter schools, many of which are excellent. There are a few good choices, but Sara recommends Capital City Public Charter School, which has a location that would be more convenient to the White House than any of the fancy private schools, and achieves good results with an economically and racially diverse group of students.