Many Days in a Term

New York Times: “At the same time, [Obama’s] team is tamping down expectations of instant action by discouraging talk of a 100-day program.”

This seems sensible. Sometimes talk of a new takeover seems to forget that you actually get to stay in office for all 1,460 days of your term. Clearly, I think there’s reason to believe that the odd-numbered years are more conducive to legislating than are the election years so there’s some reason to act quickly. But a lot of the stimulus/budget talk, for example, seems not to notice that you can do a stimulus/recovery initiative in the fourteenth day of your administration and then if it works shift to addressing longer-term budget issues in month fourteen. You don’t need to arrive in January of 2009 with full-formed solutions to every problem. FDR’s first 100 days was an unusual, dare we say unique, situation and it would be unwise to expect its replication.