Mac Wants to be Back Again


I’d been assuming that John McCain wouldn’t run for Senate again in 2010. For one thing, defeated presidential nominees tend not to want to hang around the halls of the Senate (witness John Kerry’s desperate quest for a cabinet position). For another thing, he’s really old — if he gets re-elected in 2010, he’ll be eighty by the time the term ends. On top of which, he has a really great life — eight houses, thirteen cars, all the rest. Why not enjoy it?

Lurking in the background as the obvious challenger is Arizona governor Janet Napolitano who got re-elected in 2006 and is broadly popular in the state. Of course, McCain’s popular, too. It’d be an interesting matchup to watch. Despite his long service in congress, the 2008 presidential election was the first time in his life that he faced a competitive race against a Democrat (he had a tough primary to get into the House, and of course noteworthy primary campaigns in 2000 and 2008). It didn’t go very well. 2010 would be a second bite at the apple.