Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings

Jim Henly on hawks’ obsession with emotional correctness:

The most laughable thing, and I admit we’ve covered this before, is how concerned conservatives like McCain are with feelings, theirs and everybody else’s. These are people who have never hesitated to tell black people or feminists or gays to toughen up. The campaign against “political correctness” was all about how these whiners were just too sensitive, dammit. But by golly, when it comes to Republican leaders (with Democratic connivance) dragging the country into criminal folly, you had better have exactly the right emotions about it expressed in the most excruciatingly considerate way, as defined by the cheerleaders. It’s the most important thing in the world!

This actually applies beyond strict situations wherein someone is trying to drag the country into criminal folly. I recall being scolded by David Greenberg in The New Republic during the Russia/Georgia war for expressing views that, while not inaccurate, failed in his view to manifest the correct emotional attitude toward the situation. It’s a strange set of priorities.