More Truth to Power

Naturally, my pre-Thanksgiving turkey-bashing has proven controversial. But I would like to emphasize to readers and family members alike that leading food authorities support me on this. Here’s some Mark Bittman on the subject:

Let’s be candid: If turkey were not traditional at Thanksgiving it would probably be less popular than duck or goose, and we’d see a lot more capons in the market. […] (I have yet to find a way to make turkey breast meat what you’d call delicious. If for no other reason, it’s why God put mayonnaise on this earth.)

Well executed, turkey can be okay. Which is fine. But it’s also the sign of a distinctly inferior food source. And note that you really never see turkey on the menu of a great restaurant — the world’s greatest chefs can presumably pull off something pretty good for an occasion that requires turkey, but they have no confidence in the ingredient.