The Fashion Case Against Eric Shinseki

Unanimous praise is boring, so let’s all be thankful one of James Fallows’ diligent readers has stepped up to the plate:

From everything I’ve heard, Eric Shinseki is an admirable and decent man and deserves commendation for his service aside from having been visionary about stabilizing postwar Iraq.

That said, in my year-and-a-half since putting on ACUs [Army Combat Uniforms] I’ve heard only bad things said about him by the rank and file, and that’s for something unrelated to Iraq: Shinseki is apparently the genius who decided that we should all wear the beret (which is useless as it provides no shade or or rain or wind protection, and particularly nasty because it takes two hands to put on right, and weighs a ton when wet) as part of our regular uniform in garrison. For that, well, I resent the dude a little as do I think most soldiers.

Still think it’s a good pick.