Pence: Rightward Ho!

Anyone hoping the Republican Party might start repositioning itself in a more constructive manner won’t find much to like in this Mike Pence op-ed explaining that more dogmatic adherence to the conservative creed is what the party needs:

We must develop new strategies for strengthening our armed forces and homeland security, and be willing to oppose any effort to use our military for nation-building or progressive social experimentation. We must again be the party of economic growth. The American people know we cannot borrow, spend and bail our way back to a growing economy. Republicans must offer alternatives for restoring growth through tax relief, expanded trade, spending discipline and no more government bailouts. We must detail our alternatives to Democratic plans to raise taxes and expand the federal government in education, health care and entitlements. Ideas like a balanced budget amendment, school-choice vouchers, health savings accounts and welfare reform should take center stage in the Republican agenda. And we must have a vision for defending the cherished values of life and marriage whenever they come under attack from the courts, the new administration or congressional liberals.

It would be comforting to think that something as dumb as this couldn’t possibly succeed politically, but progressives should be under no delusions — if the Obama administration fails to restore prosperity, they will be beaten very badly in 2010 and 2012 no matter how nutty the GOP agenda.