Back when I was in New York for Thanksgiving, my dad pointed out to me that the Dennis Leary Ford F-150 ads are extremely annoying. This was wise on his part, but also unfortunate because ever since then I’ve had a kind of heightened sense of annoyance every time I see the ads — which is a lot, because they’re shown constantly during NFL games.

Are we alone on this? Surely not. I had a good joke in mind about how any Detroit bailout should be conditioned on ceasing these ads, but (a) the thread by which hundreds of thousands of jobs are now hanging isn’t very funny and (b) the bailout proposals are for GM and Chrysler anyway. I will say this for Ford’s advertising, though. I’m obviously not the sort of person who’d know much about trucks. But I do always really enjoy getting behind the wheel of one of Zipcar’s Toyota Takomas when I need to move something large. And yet despite my truck experience being limited to good experiences with the Takoma, the idea is planted firmly in my head that the Ford F-150 is the best truck out there. I think that’s a pre-Leary notion, but maybe while he’s annoying me he’s also having an incredible impact on my subconscious.