So You Been to School for a Year or Two

With apologies, this is a pampered elites only bulletin of no interest to regular people.

That said, this morning I saw someone refer to a large number of Obama appointees as having MPP degrees from HKS. Since I recognized some of the names as having HPP degrees from the Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, I immediately thought that the person in question had slipped and revealed his non-elite cards by using the wrong acronym. As I well remember, the way the acronyms work is that we have FAS (Faculty of Arts and Sciences), HLS (Harvard Law School), HBS (Harvard Business School), and KSG (Kennedy School of Government) there’s no HKS. Naturally I leapt to the interwebs to verify my assertions and found that they changed the acronym. The website formerly located at http://ksg.harvard.edu has moved to http://hks.harvard.edu and so on and so forth.

The upside to this change is that it conforms to the HLS/HBS acronym pattern. The downside is a loss of logic. HLS teaches about law. HBS teaches about business. Which implies that HKS teaches about the Kennedy family. Which would be an intriguing thing to do, but seems like an unduly narrow mission even if you add the Dead Kennedys into the mix.