More Kennedy School

As a followup to early acronym-blogging let me draw attention to Jason Elliot’s very relevant op-ed in the Kennedy School student paper:

This is precisely why our school’s artificially announced transformation to “HKS” elicits confused glances and awkward chuckles from students and staff accustomed to the natural nickname derived from the actual name of our institution, the Kennedy School of Government – KSG for short.

Most distressing is the white-hot fallacy of parallelism upon which the new moniker depends. In an attempt to cozy up with our more well-endowed neighbors, we must now follow a naming structure that begins with “Harvard” and ends with “School,” placing in the midst of these two potent words the subject of study. HBS studies business. HLS studies law. Starting now, we are HKS. We, of course, study Kennedy.

But wait. I am not here earning a degree in biography about the thirty-fifth president of the United States, John F. Kennedy, nor current Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. I’m learning about social policy. My friends study national security and infrastructure development. These all sound suspiciously like functions of a school of government.

Exactly. This change is stupid.