NRA In Need of Funds

As longtime readers will know, I’m not really one for gun control. Consequently, I’ve been glad to see this issue be one on which the mainstream view in the Democratic Party has evolved enormously over the past ten years toward a position that’s much more sympathetic to gun rights, and much less invested in the notion that a ban on “assault weapons” is a silver bullet to stop crime.

Under the circumstances, things like this where the National Rifle Association’s phone calls are trying to stoke people’s paranoia are incredibly disappointing. Colin McEnroe reports for The Hartford Courant:

After some more of this talk, a different human being comes on the line and tells me that Obama is appointing “a cabinet full of gun haters.”

“Could you please tell me the name of at least one of the gun-haters?” I ask.


“Well, Nancy Pelosi …”

I interrupt, “Nancy Pelosi is not in the cabinet, nor is she appointed by Barack Obama. You and Wayne LaPierre both told me Obama is appointing a lot of gun haters. Now I’m asking you for the name of at least one.”

Gun-owners and supporters of gun rights need to understand how poorly their interests are being served by a group that behaves in this manner. This is good for the GOP and good for NRA fundraising, but an effective interest group needs to be able to take yes for an answer and reward the other side for coming around to its position. But of course a decrease in the temperature around the gun control issue would be bad for NRA finances, so instead they’re going after Obama full-tilt.