Fascinating development as the United States Senate reaches a compromise with the second house of the legislature known as Citigroup:

Democratic lawmakers have reached a deal with Citigroup Inc. on a plan to let bankruptcy judges alter home loans in an effort to prevent foreclosures and urged other lenders to follow suit.

The lawmakers aim to attach the plan to President-elect Barack Obama’s economic stimulus legislation, and said Thursday the change in bankruptcy law could ease the foreclosure crisis that has dragged the economy into the worst recession in decades.

The compromise between Citigroup and Sens. Richard Durbin of Illinois, Charles Schumer and Christopher Dodd of Connecticut, would be limited to loans made before the bill is signed. Obama has said he backs the concept.

In a related news, they’re doing a recall on civics textbooks that have led generations of schoolchildren to believe that congress just gets to decide what the laws are without “negotiating” with major corporations. And, yes, the congress did give billions of taxpayer dollars to Citigroup just a few weeks ago.