Gene Sperling Returns


Gene Sperling, who headed up the National Economic Council in the Clinton administration after Robert Rubin left the job, willl be joining Timothy Geithner at the Treasury Department where he will “will advise on fiscal policy, including issues related to the annual budget, taxes and the domestic entitlement programs – Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security – whose growth is driving projections of long-term deficits.” It seems like an excellent choice to me. Geithner’s area of expertise is specifically in finance, but obviously these swathes of economic policy are hugely important and recruiting Sperling means there’ll be a real heavy-hitter on the treasury team. Among other things, Sperling’s been a CAP guy ‘lo these past several years so here’s a taste of his writing:

He also wrote a book, The Pro-Growth Progressive, which has a slightly annoying title and lots of great policy ideas.