The Missing Faction

Laura Rozen has a good reported piece on the continuing anxiety of the foreign policy hands who took risks with their career to support Barack Obama in the primary, and who now seem to be left a bit out in the cold as the time comes to fill jobs. At issue is the fact that Obama decided to give the jobs with the most subordinates at Defense and State to people who obviously weren’t Obama loyalists. And Robert Gates and Hillary Clinton understandably want to fill their top subordinate positions with people they like and are comfortable with. And then those people in turn have their own ideas. Meanwhile, Susan Rice, who headed up the foreign policy operation in the campaign, has been sent off to be UN Ambassador. That’s a very senior position. But unlike in alternate realities in which she’d been made Deputy Secretary of State or Deputy National Security Adviser, it’s not a position that gives her a lot of sway over a large number of subordinate jobs.