Boot v. Peres on Arab Peace Initiative


Here’s Max Boot, hawkish pundit deems the Arab Peace Initiative “laughable” and says “That this is not actually a solution to the Israeli-Arab dispute should be obvious to anyone with even a modicum of understanding of the region.”

By contrast, President of Israel Shimon Peres says it’s “a serious opening for real progress.”

That’s via Matt Duss, who wonders where Boot got the idea that Peres doesn’t have “even a modicum” of understanding of the region. Clearly, the Peace Initiative is not the last word on the Arab-Israeli conflict. It’s one thing to say there should be a just resolution of the refugee issue and another thing to actually work out a resolution that’s acceptable to Israel. And there are various modifications to the cease-fire line that one could imagine being mutually agreed to. But this is what you need to actually hold negotiations for. The Arab Initiative is a serious proposal that offers Israel serious upside—normalized diplomatic relations with the entire Arab League—and it’s worth exploring.