The Best of Urban Design


Via Richard Layman, Monocle magazine’s interesting list of “25 Examples of Good Urban Design”. Pictured is an example of number two on their list, Prague’s street clocks:

Sometimes you don’t have a piece of Swiss watchmaking strapped to your wrist. On these occasions, time-keeping is made so much easier if there are well-maintained street clocks.

In Prague there is no excuse for running late. The streets are filled with elegant clocks fixed on top of tall, slender poles. Some clock faces are back-lit, allowing them to double as street lamps, while others have route-finding features attached.

This is a little trivial compared to some of the other things on their list, but I liked the photo.

Meanwhile, the tragedy of the public sector is that you can’t count on good ideas just diffusing over time through entrepreneurship. The city or town you live in will only improve if its citizens—people like you—look around at examples of things being done elsewhere and demand that their elected representatives change things.