The End in Somalia

The disastrous American-backed Ethiopian invasion of Somalia seems to have reached its ultimate conclusion today as the Ethiopian-backed nominal government totally collapses and Islamist insurgents capture Baidoa. Now we’ll have to reach some kind of accommodation with the Islamists, which is what we should have done back in late 2006, but we’re now going to be dealing with a more radicalized and anti-American crew than otherwise would have been there.

At the time of the invasion back around Christmas 2006, right-wing commentators were busy offering unusually stupid opinions. Robert Farley reminds me of a classic Corner post in which Deborah Glick and Cliff May teamed up to explain the “real” (i.e., fake) roots of European skepticism about the operation:

Israelis routinely assume that Europe’s pro-jihadist policy towards the Palestinians is a result of anti-Semitism or anger over Israel’s military victory in 1967. But the EU’s treatment of Ethiopia and the TFG [the secular Transitional Federal Government] indicates that Brussels’ hostility towards the Jewish state is part of a much further-reaching policy. Europe’s pro-jihad position toward the war in Somalia indicates that its support for jihad is over-arching rather than limited to specific battlegrounds.

According to Glick, European governments have adopt a wide-ranging pro-jihad stance “in the hope that their support will deflect jihadist violence away from them.” Also, the people who write for The Corner are idiots.