My Long-Awaited Revenge


For person reasons of petty vengeance, the details of which I won’t bore you with, ever since The New Republic was acquired by a Canadian firm I’ve been hoping they would knuckle under to the demands of their hockey-loving overlords and run an article making the case that Americans should pay more attention to Canadian politics. For quite some time now, it appeared that my dreams were not to be satisfied, as the proportion is so absurd that even a Canadian-owned enterprise wouldn’t embrace this thesis.

But today my day has come as here comes Stephen Marche arguing that Americans should pay more attention to Canadian politics. Even better, his best effort to justify this thesis is exactly the thesis I would espouse, namely that the steady decay of the two party system in Canada exacerbates the odds of a serious crisis over Québec secession that would have much more substantial implications for the U.S. economy than people realize. Years after I first came up with this idea, I still have no real sense of whether or not it’s true, but there you have it.

NB: My understanding is that Canadian Jewish opinion is about as sympathetic to the national aspirations of the Québécois as The New Republic is to those of the Palestinians. So in the event of a crisis, I think we can expect TNR to take a leading role in advocating that the U.S. stand foresquare behind Canada (our most important ally in North America!) as it seeks to repress Francophone terror through violence and collective punishment. If worst comes to worst, I suggest Win Butler as an ideal U.S. envoy.