by Ryan Avent

Barack Obama has tapped Judd Gregg to be America’s Commerce Secretary. Gregg, a Republican, will only take the job if he can be replaced by a Republican, who will of course caucus with the party dedicated to opposing his new boss’ agenda. He’ll also recuse himself, we’ve now learned, from voting on the stimulus bill supported by his new boss, thereby making it more difficult to pass the bill. Presumably, he thinks his job at Commerce will be easier if there’s no actual commerce to worry about.

But let’s also not forget that Judd Gregg, who has been tapped to oversee the Department of Commerce, once won over $800,000 playing the lottery. Which, of course, means that he played the lottery. Which, I guess, might give him insight into the workings of the financial sector. But still, someone should sit him down and explain expected value.

So we’re supposed to put up pictures. I have a dog. His name is Finnegan.