So Long, Folks

By Brian Beutler

In about an hour, Matt will be back in Washington, and, unless he’s taken too fondly to the easy pace of Mediterranean life, he’ll be henpecking away at his keyboard almost right away, restoring this site to the high standards you all expect.

Also, it’s Friday night.

For those two reasons, this is probably my last post on this site for a long while.

I hope I and my co-bloggers kept this space lively, entertaining, and informative (if not exactly Yglesian) during this unusually busy week. If so, here’s a link to my own site and here’s a link to my RSS feed, if you want to bookmark me or add me to your daily digest or just come by and comment every once in a while. If not, then at the very least I hope I didn’t publish too many typos. Either way, it’s been a pleasure. Cheers.