Are State Aid-Hating “Centrists” Trying to Sabotage Their Governors?


Ed Kilgore reads an Arlen Specter op-ed and develops a hypothesis that might do something to explain how it is that the Senate “centrists” zeroed-in on the most-effective element of the stimulus package for elimination: “A cynic might observe that all of the four senators that Arlen Specter identifies as the organizers of the ‘centrist’ coup-by-amendment–himself, Ben Nelson, Susan Collins and Joe Lieberman–happen to come from states where the governor is of the other party.” Ed’s no cynic, I guess, but I am and I think this is important. I suppose it might be too cynical to suppose that the Gang of Four is deliberately trying to sabotage their states’ opposite-party governors. But at a minimum, you have to think that if there were political allies sitting in the relevant governor’s mansions that these legislators might have taken their calls and listened to good sense.

Either way, the tragedy is that unless the conference committee reverses these cuts we’ll all be paying the price—not just the governors or the residents of those four states.