Googooism in Action


Hey waddaya know, an actual example of the Obama administration cracking down on lobbyists, courtesy of Jeff Young:

Before the healthcare and education call got underway, though, an OMB staffer called out for Sharon Cohen. Cohen, as it happens, is a veteran healthcare lobbyist who works for the Podesta Group. (Sadly, because of The Hill agreed to those attribution ground rules — but mostly because it didn’t get its notes written fast enough — readers will have to settle for a “reenactment” of the incident).

Basically, it went like this:

Is Sharon Cohen on the line? [silence] Good. You’re a lobbyist. This call is for media only. If there are any other lobbyists listening in, hang up. If we find out you were on this call, we’ll be very angry and we’ll cut your budget.

The Hill emailed Cohen for her side of the story but she didn’t respond right away, which is probably understandable.

Good work. This is basically symbolic, but I think it’s good symbolism. I feel a bit bad for Ms Cohen being singled out like this, because that sort of thing happens all the time. But it really shouldn’t happen all the time.