Hertzberg on Charles Krauthammer

I’ve only been reading Charles Krauthammer on a regular basis since I moved to Washington, DC in late 2003. And he’s been consistently one of the very most repugnant writers out there—locked in perennial competition with Fred Barnes to win the coveted “America’s Worst Columnist” award. Rick Hertzberg, by contrast, is one of my favorite columnists. And yet they both worked in the Carter administration and both worked for the 1980s version of The New Republic (IIRC, they still list Krauthammer, but not Hertzberg, as a contributing editor). And I’m somewhat obsessed with Krauthammer, yet I take it that he can’t have always been such a rancid rightwinger given that background. Now Hertzberg writes what’s practically a blog post just for me—some reflections on the origins of Krauthammerdom.