New Treasury Subcabinet Officials Named


Timothy Geithner gets some officemates:

President Barack Obama today announced his intent to nominate Neal S. Wolin to be Deputy Secretary of the Treasury and Lael Brainard to be Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs. In addition, the President announced that Stuart A. Levey, the current Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, will remain in that position. The appointments announced today fill three of the four most senior Senate-confirmed Treasury Department positions beneath Secretary Geithner.

I don’t know anything about Neal Wolin except that he works currently at The Hartford and held a variety of economic policy positions in the Clinton administration. Brainard is at Brookings so you can get a look at her thinking on some present-day issues. Here (PDF) she talks about the need for a less militarized foreign policy. She likes infrastructure and she favors the creation of a wage insurance program. All that’s good stuff.


I’ve now heard that Wolin plays in a poker game with Eric Alterman, which is not that much information, but I guess it’s something.

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