Obama Still Popular, GOP Still Doesn’t Care

With there seeming to be more Senate Democrats who are wary of Barack Obama’s agenda than there are Senate Republicans wary of opposing it, Washington often takes on the feel of a town with a president whose honeymoon is over. But every time a poll comes out, you see that it’s not true. Today it’s The Washington Post:


Overall, 66 percent of the public approves of Obama’s performance on the job. Back in November, 53 percent of the vote was enough for him to carry North Carolina, Indiana, Ohio, Nevada, and Florida. Given that he’s more popular now than he was then, you’d think that the Republican Senators from those states—along with the ones from Pennsylvania and Maine and New Hampshire—would be running scared. But instead they’re quite boldly marching on.

Do they have some secret insights? Maybe they do. I think public opinion matters less than most people in politics think. That said, the Senate GOP caucus did a marvelous job of holding together in defense of the unpopular George W. Bush’s agenda back in 2007-2008 but all their tactical acumen just got them a bunch of lost seats. So maybe this is madness rather than method.