Pipes Hails Avigdor Lieberman’s Rejectionism


Daniel Pipes, head of the Middle East Forum outfit that recently took a victory lap over its role in spiking Chas Freeman’s nomination, is also psyched about Avigdor Lieberman as Foreign Minister:

Avigdor Lieberman became foreign minister of Israel yesterday. He celebrated his inauguration with a maiden speech that news reports indicate left his listeners grimacing, squirming, and aghast. The BBC, for example, informs us that his words prompted “his predecessor Tzipi Livni to interrupt and diplomats to shift uncomfortably.”

Too bad for them – the speech leaves me elated.

Pipes is more right-wing than the bulk of the “pro-Israel” establishment. But it’s telling that that establishment regards Pipes as a perfectly acceptable comrade-in-arms, while seeking every opportunity to trash the pro-peace J Street. It’s a telling indication of where things really stand, and a welcome pretext to link to J Street’s rather different take on Lieberman.