National Popular Vote

I missed this yesterday, but Hendrick Hertzberg reports on some additional legislative victories for the National Popular Vote movement.

As a reminder, here’s how NPV works. The constitution allows each state to allocate its electoral votes however it wants. A state that adopts the NPV compact says that at such time as a group of states that together compromise 270 electoral votes have all adopted the compact, then all the compact states commit to assigning their electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote. Thus you can get to a national popular vote system without any given state needing to unilaterally disarm, and without needing to get the microstates who benefit from the electoral college to agree. Shockingly, however, the three states that are most harmed by the electoral college—California, New York, and Texas—haven’t joined Maryland, New Jersey, Illinois, Hawaii, and hopefully soon Washington in adopting NPV. This is something you should really consider writing your state legislators about. They don’t hear from many people!