RNC Going Back to the USSR

Via Ed Kilgore it seems that in a non-joking way, the Republican National Committee is actually going to vote for a resolution urging Republicans to start referring to the Democratic Party as “the Democrat Socialist Party.” Washington state’s Jeff Kent explains:

There is nothing more important for our party than bringing the truth to bear on the Democrats’ march to socialism. Just like Ronald Reagan identifying the U.S.S.R. as the evil empire was the beginning of the end to Soviet domination, we believe the American people will reject socialism when they hear the truth about how the Democrats are bankrupting our country and destroying our freedom and liberties.

Ed Kilgore notes:

I don’t know what’s more offensive: the idea of identifying the Democratic Party, which the American people elected to run Congress and the executive branch just six months ago, with the Soviet Union, or the idea that Ronald Reagan brought about the collapse of the Soviet bloc through a magic spell. All in all, the highly adolescent nature of Kent’s thinking is illustrated not only by this comic-book historical revisionism, but by his insistence on retaining in his version of the “Evil Empire” the little-boy-taunt of dropping the last syllable from the adjective “Democratic.”

To take this perhaps more seriously than it deserves, it’s worth observing that the lack of democracy was a substantial problem in the USSR, more so than the socialism. You never see a “Democrat Socialist” party anywhere in the world, but outside the United States “social democrats” or even “socialists” are common enough in electoral politics and to imply that Gerhard Schroder or François Mitterand are basically on a par with Stalin or Mao is a ridiculous slur.