Bob Graham Says CIA Has Admitted to Errors in Breifing Records, CIA Not Talking

According to former Senator Bob Graham, who’s best-known for his incredibly meticulous note-taking, the CIA has made mistakes in its account of briefing sessions to him and has admitted the error: “On three of the four occasions, when I consulted my schedule and my notes, it was clear that no briefing had taken place, and the CIA eventually concurred in that. So their record keeping is a little bit suspect.”

Obviously, that raises the question of whether or not there might be mistakes in the CIA’s official record of its briefings of Nancy Pelosi. After all, if I had a legal mandate to brief people about something, but was also under orders from the President of the United States to participate in a cover-up of an illegal and barbaric campaign of torture, I might fudge my records. Spencer Ackerman tried to do some reporting: “I asked CIA spokesman George Little whether Graham is telling the truth and he declined comment.”

That’s very strange. Presumably the CIA either did make this concession to Graham, in which case their account of what transpired vis-a-vis Pelosi is suspect, or else the CIA did not make this concession and Graham is slandering them. Seems like the public ought to know which.