My Commute Sucks


My commute’s actually fine, since I live very close to my office so I could probably hop to work and it would be fine. That said, many people’s commutes aren’t good. And research indicates that bad commutes are a very important source of unhappiness in life. Apparently when people are making decisions about where to live or which jobs to take, they tend to underestimate the extent to which long and/or annoying commutes will slowly grind their spirits into dust. So I think Transportation for America’s My Commute Sucks website has some real promise as a concept.

They’re launching a petition asking congress to adopt a reform transportation bill that will actually improve people’s commutes rather than just line the pockets of special interests. The idea is to give more people more options, and create a situation in which drivers get to enjoy less-congested roads in part because more people have more—and more appealing—non-driving options. Go check the site out.