Oprah for SCOTUS


Call me crazy, but I’m sort of intrigued by this idea:

We don’t know whether she’s on President Obama’s short list, but nearly one in four Democrats thinks television personality Oprah Winfrey would make a good Supreme Court justice.

So says Fox News, which surveyed 900 registered voters on May 12-13 on a variety of subjects, including the Supreme Court vacancy. Overall, 16 percent of respondents thought Winfrey would do well on the high court — and 23 percent of Democrats and 10 percent of Republicans.

I’m actually 100 percent positive that were Oprah on the Supreme Court she would do a good job. In a lot of ways, it’s just not that difficult a job. You need a reasonably intelligent, public-spirited individual who’s aware of their own limits and does a good job of hiring clerks. To be a truly great justice requires more than that, but it’s not as if putting a TV personality on the court would lead to her making “wacky judicial bloopers” or something. The difficult, controversial cases that come before the Supreme Court are precisely the cases where the answer isn’t in your bar exam study book.