Dwight Howard’s Limits and Dwight Howard’s Potential


There’s some strange anti-Dwight Howard sentiments expressed in Bill Simmons’ latest chat with one commenter deeming him “overrated” ad Simmons dismissing him as “Ben Wallace with a jump hook.” But name me a team that wouldn’t trade their starting center for Howard? You can’t, because he’s the best center in the league. Which is about where people have him rated.

Indeed, Simmons’ critical assessment is a bit odd. In his prime, Wallace was an excellent basketball player. A player who’s “like Ben Wallace” but a somewhat better free throw shooter who also has an effective offensive move would be a player who’s even better than an excellent player from past seasons. That’s a good thing.

It’s true that Howard doesn’t have the greatest array of low post moves. But the right way to think about that is that he’s a guy who’s averaging 20 points per game on a 0.600 TS% even though his low post moves aren’t very impressive. And he’s 23 years old, which means he’ll almost certainly get better.