Frank Gaffney Thinks Obama is a Secret Muslim


Nutjob defense analyst Frank Gaffney has decided to really double down on the theory that Barack Obama is secretly a Muslim, writing that “there is mounting evidence that the president not only identifies with Muslims, but actually may still be one himself.” The “evidence” for this proposition appears to consist of Obama having some familiarity with Islam and attempting to conduct himself in a respectful manner. By this standard, I suppose I’m only pretending to be Jewish since when I find myself in a church (visiting a nice cathedral, say, or attending a friend’s wedding) I try to comport myself correctly.

Matt Duss has more and concludes:

As I said, Gaffney’s own past work strongly argues against taking him seriously as an analyst. As someone willing to cast deeply irresponsible and transparently bigoted accusations against the president, however, he should be taken very seriously.

All true. But what’s more is that television networks have a nasty habit of turning to Gaffney as a commentator on all kinds of defense and security questions.