Von Brunn and the GOP


Jon Chait brings some information I hadn’t seen about the Holocaust Museum shooter:

Third, it’s somewhat apparent from Von Brunn’s writing that he did identify with the Republican Party on some basic partisan questions. He cheered conservatives for getting Dan Rather fired, believed Sarah Palin was unfairly hounded by the media, and so on. Indeed, if there’s anything surprising and disturbing about Von Brunn’s beliefs, it’s that he identifies more closely with the Republican Party than I would have thought a radical white supremacist would. This may be a sign that the GOP has become more appealing to radical right-wingers than it once was, but it could also be an anomaly.

That is interesting. Those two points—and especially the point about Palin—have really nothing to do with “far right” politics and everything to with fairly narrow GOP partisan politics. I suppose this mostly goes to show that crazy people’s political opinions don’t make a ton of sense.