ACES in 60 Seconds

My colleagues at Progressive Media put together a 60 second compilation of yesterday’s floor debate on the American Climate and Energy Security Act:

To make just one semi-serious observation about this it was striking to me watching some of this unfold on C-SPAN how often complaints—particular from Boehner to the end—would come down to the observation that a bill comprehensively overhauling American energy policy was really, really complicated. And, indeed, it’s a really complicated bill. But to anyone being halfway honest about it the reason a comprehensive overhaul of energy policy requires a complicated bill is that existing energy policy is already very complicated and has tons and tons of legislative language behind it.

So what kind of congressman looks at a complicated effort to overhaul a complicated subject matter, then kind of shrugs and says “well this is complicated and I’m too lazy and stupid to be bothered to figure out what’s happening!” Well, I know what kind of congressman does that. But it’s pretty irresponsible.