Conservatives Mobilizing the Purge “Cap and Traitors”

I’m told that the folks behind www.capandtr8tors.com are the same geniuses who were behind the tea parties movement earlier this year. The targets are the eight House Republicans who voted for the American Clean Energy and Security Act, and the threat is that “They have 5 Days from the time of their vote to change them, or we will work to vote them out of office.”

Grammatically speaking, it seems to me that it should be “tr8ors” rather than “tr8tors” but perhaps that’s overly literal.

Meanwhile, though the cause here could not be less just, it is worth emphasizing that it’s a willing to issue these kind of threats—and be somewhat serious about them—that keeps the Republican caucus fairly disciplined and effective. Democrats on the Hill know they have little to fear from left-wing critics, and consequently it’s hard to get folks in line.