Homelessness Fact of the Day

Skid Row, Los Angeles (cc photo by ikkoskinen)

Skid Row, Los Angeles (cc photo by ikkoskinen)

Here is something I did not know: “20 percent of all homeless people live in three cities: Los Angeles, New York and Detroit.”

That seems like an extraordinary level of concentration. And it’s interesting that the three don’t make a set. Los Angeles and New York are the biggest cities and ought to go alongside places like Chicago or Houston. And Detroit is very economically troubled and normally found alongside other similarly collapsing urban areas.

The article is a writeup of this report from HUD released last week. We also learn in the report that the nature of the homeless population varies widely from place to place. In Phoenix, the homeless are split about 50-50 between families and individuals while in Cleveland it’s 85 percent individuals and in New York it’s only 32 percent individuals.