Yes, of Course Netanyahu’s Commitment to Peace is Disingenuous


Isabel Kreshner for The New York Times does her best to tell the truth about Bibi Netanyahu, and is clearly groaning against the limits of newspaper convention:

In the weeks since Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, finally accepted the principle of a Palestinian state, with qualifications, there has been deep skepticism about his sincerity. […] even senior officials and prominent figures of his conservative Likud Party have been busy explaining, privately and publicly, why they think there is not likely to be a Palestinian state any time soon, in ways that raise even more questions about the current government’s commitment to reaching a final peace accord.

And Mr. Netanyahu’s diplomatic turnaround was greeted by a notable silence among the Likud firebrands and hawks, widely interpreted here as a sign that they feel they have nothing to fear.

Meanwhile, Israel is plowing ahead with a new settlement in East Jerusalem. The Obama administration’s words on the Israel-Arab conflict have been admirable, but it’s becoming clear that more than words will be needed. CAP’s recent set of policy recommendations for rescuing the two state solution before it’s too late is recommended reading.