Reason and Persuasion


John Holbo emails about his new book:

It’s out in paper – and what a great read it is: plus cartoons! – and I also negotiated to secure the e-rights and have used those to release it for free online. You can view the whole thing in a nice flash interface. And download it as a PDF (although that takes a simple sign in – still: free is good.) I know you’ve blogged before about textbook stupidities and about how more stuff should be available online. Well: put your money where your mouth is. Or your mouth where your mouth is, rather: gimme a link for having done this noble thing that more academics should be doing, and more publishers letting them do.

All true. Here it is on Amazon if you’re into paper books. But it’s definitely true that more academics should be doing this sort of thing—it makes sense for people who are paid to add to the stock of human knowledge to be doing as much as possible to disseminate said knowledge. The book itself “provides a new look at old issues through the lens of three classic dialogues by Plato: Euthyphro, Meno and Republic, Book I” and represents a collaboration between Holbo, a philosopher, and his classicist wife Belle Waring; two excellent people and excellent bloggers and I’m looking forward to their book.