Krauthammer’s Rx For Reform

Yesterday’s Charles Krauthammer column was unusually non-mendacious, but also phenomenally stupid. His argument is that we need do only two things to fix health care—malpractice reform, and replace the employer tax exclusion with an individual tax credit.

He doesn’t just say that these are good ideas, but that they’re actually sufficient ideas. It’s nuts. Suppose you’re a 52 year-old with a pre-existing medical condition who kinda wants to leave his job and start a new company. Under the current system in the United States, you have a serious problem. Krauthammer’s proposals do nothing for you. Or suppose you had good insurance, got sick, and are now suffering from “rescission” of your policy. He’s got nothing. In Krauthland we’d have endless adverse selection problems and “solve” the problem of cost largely by having people not get the health care