Torture’s Fall Guys

Spencer Ackerman writes:

And now it appears Attorney General Holder is getting closer to appointing a special prosecutor for the CIA’s torture apparatus. That prosecutor will focus, according to Greg Miller and Josh Meyer, just on the CIA, and not even on the top agency officials who helped create the apparatus, but on the frontline interrogators who went beyond the “legal” guidance about how much torture was permissible. I don’t want to suggest that an operative who walks into an interrogation chamber with a gun is an innocent. But it’s plainly an affront to common sense to suggest that the circumstances that led him into that room shouldn’t be the subject of investigation.

Tom Malinowksi from Human Rights Watch says “An investigation that focuses only on low-ranking operators would be, I think, worse than doing nothing at all.” I think that’s probably going too far, but this seems like an extremely rotten deal. Something similar was done after Abu Ghraib and it’s no good.