Can’t Believe Everything You Read


As you’ve probably heard, British newspapers don’t maintain the same standards for scrupulous accuracy as we have here in the US. Thus sometimes you read a UK press report that, while interesting, you just know has to be false. For example, there’s this from The Guardian:

The NHS is developing a simple blood test that could save the lives of hundreds of unborn babies who are put at risk when doctors try to establish whether they are developing healthily in the womb, the Guardian has learned.

The test could put an end to the use of invasive procedures such as amniocentesis, which cause some women to miscarry.

Yes this seems like an interesting story about a potentially useful medical innovation. But the discerning reader will note that this is all allegedly happening in the United Kingdom, and funded by the National Health Service. The NHS, however, is a socialistic system and the UK a socialist land. And everybody knows that under socialized medicine, medical innovation will cease. Therefore, the story must be made up.