The Two Political Blogospheres

Pittsburgh, PA (wikimedia)

Pittsburgh, PA (wikimedia)

I don’t really understand why conservatives insist on holding their blogger conference in the city same as ours on the same week. It just seems to invite unflattering comparisons. Here‘s Timothy McNulty from the Post-Gazette:

Even though conservatives are holding their own convention of online activists in Pittsburgh this week, they are not trying to directly compete with the giant Netroots Nation. If they did, they would be squashed.

The RightOnline conference starting tomorrow morning at the Sheraton Station Square will have about a quarter of the 2,000 attendees at the liberal conference in the convention center, and only about 20 speakers to the 400 at Netroots. Liberals are throwing multiple parties at the Warhol and a gay-lesbian kiss-in. Conservatives end Friday night with a film criticizing Al Gore.

Basic demographics just make it way harder for the right to compete online. The over-60 demographic is a hotbed of conservative sentiments, but it’s also very disinclined to go online. The stereotype of progressive bloggers and blog readers as “young” tends to be wildly overstated, but what is true is that the online universe contains relatively few senior citizens, and the current version of the conservative coalition contains quite a lot of seniors.