Rep Jay Inslee Slams Undemocratic Filibuster

I find it extremely frustrating how reluctant progressive legislators are to condemn procedural practices in congress that make progressive change difficult. So good on Rep Jay Inslee (D-WA) for speaking out:

The filibuster is so undemocratic it just defies defense. Particularly, as you said, it used to be this once-in-a-generation regional conflict issue that’s meant to protect the regions that has now prevented majority rule in this country. It’s a huge, insidious problem. I have to tell you in my conversations with senators, including in our party, I’ve gotten nowhere on this issue. When they get into that fine institution, they kind of like the idea one person can stop the entire country dead on its heels to keep a post office open in Schmuckbucket or wherever. I have to tell you, I’m very frustrated by it.

I particularly like Inslee’s point about the blinkered perspective of his senate colleagues. It doesn’t surprise me that most Senate Democrats prefer to put their own parochial interests ahead of the interests of the country, the world, and the progressive movement. But I’d like to think that at least a handful of people might be interested in doing the right thing and becoming catalysts for future pressure and change.